Two opposite beautiful beaches in Hong Kong

Golden Coast is the name of the location, 20 minuts by minibus from home.  It’s a peaceful long beach with residential buildings along the road. People living here are lucky beacause in the end the beach is their natural park downstairs. There are also restaurants and possibly one can enjoy an organic market under the main arcade (which is very similar to a little town’s square, with a fountain and many benches to rest). Facing the beach lots of street sellers organized on small tables offer their artcraft, hand made most of the time. Golden Coast is situated in the same direction of HK airport. 

Stanley beach, in reality there are two small beaches here in Stanley, opposide side to the Golden Coast. Stanley is family friendly because there are no skyscrapers nor big residential building, it’s more normal and easygoing. Immediately one feels that the life pace slows down while getting closer to here. One beach is smaller than the other, the water is shallow and quite perfect for the children. The sand is soft and castle-making-friendly! There are lots of shells and big crabs to meet in Stanley.. There is plenty of rocks and interesting seaweeds too. Bathing here is very safe and comfortable because the area is repaired by a sort of semiclosed bay. To axceed to the seaside one have to walk a little piece of forest with slim beautiful trees. Thus coming down thru stone-stairs leading to the sea. Upstairs in the square there is the Maritime Museum worthy to be visited and lots of nice restaurants for dining pleasantly enjoying the cool breeze, the sunset and the seemingly calm people roaming.



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