Power spreads thru the writing ‘side’ of us


Not everybody likes to write. Any people has one or more than one way to express something. Confident writing blog has proposed to reflect on Powerful writing in these days. I think that there is not too much to be said about powerful writing yet one could list plenty of reasons about it. Power is power. When the power is identified with the self within and when the words are coming out from this same matrix they do carry power with them automatically. They do not have to be real, nor true, nor idealistic, nor genuine, nor fantastic….these are just qualities or characteristics. But there is something which goes beyond them and the reader just “feels it” while reading them. This something is powerful and it is very simple because it is one with the spirit or inner self – as I was commenting there too.

We do not know the story and the life of everybody, we are all different here scattered around different countries yet we are so much linked and bounded to each other. If these blogs did not existed we were bounded anyway at the same way. It is just that each one of us is growing so much inside out that he/she get caught by special words here and there in certain moments. And he/she often thinks that they were powerful. Probably because he/she simply needed those ones. It is also a game where the spiritual (there is no other word better than this one in English) forces of writer & reader connects and just enjoy it!

This vision of powerful writing is quite basic and can be valid in any area or contest where the written words are utilized very much for communicating.


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