Background life music for double cleansing


One of the things I love to do most is….cleaning the house. No, no this box has nothing to do with that. If your eyes have already saw something of that kind you must have recognized a “tanpura machine” in it. It’s my company whenever I clean the flat. It is extrimely relaxing and helpful for focusing on any work you are doing. i am talking about housecleaning because it has been the first activity i experienced while testing this magical electonic box.

Being a tanpura based sound, it has the three notes Sa (orange circle) Sa (green circle) Ma – Ni (pink circle). Then you can select the Tempo and if you like to have a high or low note, changing accordingly. It s very simple. The switcher on the top-right says Ladies/Gents while the other one is for the Tone. You just need to play to find the melody your ears want to listen to.

Tanpura machine is the best while accompanying other instruments like harmonium (see my other post below from a couple of days ago) during performances or other. It is the best for tuning the piano too. You can play the same note and try to reach it on another instrument. Besides keeping you company for houseworks it will definitely be a good cleanser for your chakras. The notes can be very penetrating and powerful and act as a balsam for the inner organs. So it will be a double cleansing sport in this case.

When the music does clean.


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