Smiling at any time is really healthy?


After having crashed hundreds of times here in Hong Kong on the normally “serious” faces of the thousands of Chinese around with my “latino smile”, I realized that maybe I am a bit awkward. The always happy mood is not the best way to present yourself everytime. It is not true that smiling is cheerful and healthy. They say it activates lots of muscles on the face provoking a natural gymnastic for the facial tissues and so on. Thus it is beneficial. But I am reckoning no. I am absorbing this half sleeping mood of Chinaland, the gravity of her inhabitants, the fixed sight and the straight mouth they are used to exhibit regularly. That’s fine. My heart is still more smiling than ever so my face can bear to be relaxed at that way. It feels even peaceful not to express joy so neatly all the time.

Yesterday was Monday and I got a surprise at my office, something I defined “americanized” while chatting online with my mom in her office in Europe. I said “mom whats going on in the heads of the people, they want us to smile and cheer up three people each Monday from now on”. How is it? They launched a real campaign with smiling badgs, leaflets and posters! I couldnt stop to laugh for long time with other colleagues. We now need to be told to smile. The coordinator of the project came to my desk and said “Please keep smiling” while handing the yellow circled pin of the happy face with a cute heart painted on the eye.

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