all about f.o.r.G.i.v.e

I felt the lovely hug of a mother by reading the speech in English of H.H. Shri Nirmala Devi from last Sunday, Easter.
Few excerpts: A special day for forgiveness. And that is why I say whatever you would think that it is very late, but we have done a meeting, because I didn’t want to miss the time [the occasion]. Forgiveness comes from people who are very generous, who are good-hearted. You know, everybody makes mistakes and so we can also make mistakes, but that means we have a right to forgive and we have a heart to forgive.
So whatever might be your powers, whatever you have achieved in your life, whatever position you maybe occupying… but you must learn the way to forgive, otherwise you are nowhere near Christ. You must learn to forgive. That is such great quality if you can forgive, all the time forgive.
And that is why today I wanted to meet you all. I wanted to meet you all and tell you that today is the day to forgive. That does not mean that you sit down and think about how many people you have to forgive. That would be absurd. But something that haunts your mind and you think you have been troubled, have been in turmoil.


The interesting thing is that you don’t know how many powers you have and you don’t even forgive. Then you have all these powers and the greatest power you have got is to forgive.


Just forgive. For what? It is a practical thing. Most practical. Supposing somebody slaps you. Alright, if someone slaps me, what should I do? Should I slap him back? No. Then should I ask him, why did you slap me? No. Then I should think he must be a stupid fool to do like that? That won’t help. On the contrary, if you can just forgive, forgive that person who has done something wrong… For you it is important that you must forgive, because it has no effect on you… But if you forgive, it will have more effect. Your goodness, your righteousness…


 Thank you Lovely Adored Mother.
This is the Era of Forgiveness we are living at this time I think. Because everytime we forgive we are proceeding higher towards a wider opening of our top-of-the-brain. If we want to have an open mind, thing that seems so much trendy nowadays, we must forgive, no other way actually. Forgiveness is the fastest way to open the mind, the safest, the most enriching and fulfilling, the most noble, the coolest, the most natural one. There are too many points in favour of this attitude, quality.
Today I find forgiveness really exciting, so reassuring feeling the heart beats going in such a rythmical and confident way every time you for-give-it! It s almost the same feeling of when you give a beautiful wrapped gift to somebody and you feel joy for having got and prepared it specifically for that person. It s like giving a present …


So what is helpful to give such a gift to the others? I am considering two things which are cool:
1) Be forgiven by others and automatically absorb this action in form of vibration into yourself. I have been living these kinds of circumstances where my huuuuge naughtiness has been forgiven so marvelously by the most important people, the parents (and not only them). It felt like swimming in the pure world of comprehension, cause I knew i was so badly mistaking.
2) Meditate on forgiveness by watching how the egoistical and conditioned attitude act thru our person in all the different occasions.
the beauty of the heart
is the lasting beauty:
its lips give to drink
of the water of life.
truly it is the water,
that which pours,
and the one who drinks.
all three become one when
your talisman is shattered.
that oneness you can’t know
by reasoning.

4 thoughts on “all about f.o.r.G.i.v.e

  1. while i was reading ur blog, a series of thoughts ran down my mind..
    forgiving is supreme,i agree. but it is not practical. not always. it’s something like “Gandhigiri” that u proclaim. The return-a-slap-with-a-smile kinda philosophy. it’s good b compassionate , but that’s not the ultimate thing u cud do! don’t u think that if i come and slap you, you would first find out y i did so? is d reason or the MOTIVE of the act valid enough to receive compassion from u? Not all people might b having a heart as pure as urs. Deceit overrides virtue in today’s world, and forgiveness,although great,may not b Necessary most of the times. rather, it would b unnecessary at times. for me, it would just be a Gandhian funda, something that’s quite impractical in many a situations where u r required to give a one-on-one to the other person! forgiveness may give u a kind of mental satisfaction as u said, but most of the times it is unlikely to give u a good product in terms of action,and people would also tend to take you for granted..!

  2. Hi Radha, i think there are lots of people out there thinking as you. But forgiving as in my case is not a reaction to have or to not have, it i s not a decision or a choice to follow. It is just some kind of attitude which happens spontaneously in the required moment and i am not even thinking of it, like if i must or i must not forgive in this or that case. I was also very fortunate to witness extreme good examples of forgiveness in the people close to me so i just learned from them. Regarding the other people feelings about “taking the person for granted” this is a not very noble thought they could have, it s more like they have to work out something else greater and open the mind. Luv, r.

  3. Sounds like essentially you’re saying not to judge others negatively for their misbehavior because all of us, as humans, misbehave. And of course Jesus is often presented by the New Testament as non-judgmental as well as forgiving.

    It sounds like you may also be suggesting that whatever wrong is done to a person or to someone we love, however serious the harm, we can also go on to love the wrongdoer with real warmth and ardor? This sounds to me like it could be problematic…

  4. Dear Paul Maurice, yes it can sounds problematic but many times when we cant forgive we do incur, with the time,”problems even more problematic” quite incurable, of any kind, emotional, physical, mental…I heard lots of sad stories of this type!

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