5 thoughts on “My first poem written in Chinese

  1. thanks, studying this language by poetries is so good, today with the teacher we went thru another one from a Chinese poet who was living in Cambridge..

  2. Your first poem written in Chinese looks grand from Lithuanian viewpoint – I didn’t understand a word, but I wholeheartedly rejoiced at the cover picture. Visual thoughts and our words differ between, but express the same message in essence – you are the artist who makes me feel honored by the chance to applaud to you.
    The truth may sound strange, but that’s so indeed.
    I have read your translation and my hearty first impression was justified – Congratulations once again. Your poem is worthy the sharing.
    By the way, it directly reflects these comments:
    You show us your first poem in Chines, I too am writing not in my native language, but our messages don’t change because of that – sun continues giving her warmth and we both recognize the perfect harmony

  3. @Tomas: thanks for the long positive comment. the “tao-gate” is located just behind my building, it is the entrance to a temple, some local artist’s product. still really simple. But in the Tao is the love between sun and moon, that is the all meaning up there. i am glad u enjoyed it!
    also regarding the languages: any language can be read aloud, it is not important if we studied it or not. it is important how it “does sound / echo” within ourselves while we read it. what do you thing about that?

    @Grace: pretty just as the Chinese language (pronounciation) https://radhagarima.wordpress.com/2008/02/13/the-cute-aspect-of-speaking-in-chinese/

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