Travelling to search for the within mother

How about travelling to search for the self? I find this idea very feminine especially when the woman who is travelling is also seeking for some kind of mother energy inside herself. As reported here for example there was this lady of the so called “beat generation” who travelled half the world and lived all kinds of weird (and also not weird) adventures. The reason?  For she knew about the “cult of the mother” and wanted to understand more about it. She also wrote a book mentioning something like “a snake”. 


                                                  [painting by N. Roerich]

Well I bet there are plenty of women around the world like her, still today. Searching for the mother within is something truly natural. Most of us women dream to be ourselves, to be free and very feminine, to achieve great powers although many times we dont even know clearly which kind of powers we are desiring. Anyway we try our best. Travelling in order to develop the own femininity is fascinating. Nowadays we are convinced that the more experiences we get the more we grow inside and outside. The more we learn the more we improve. The more we see the more we absorb and the more we absorb the more we become experts and special persons. The mind of a women is the same shape of her heart. It is drenched with love, motherly love. She expects to meet kind people wherever she goes. She is ready to suffer and to smile when she travels with these high intentions. 

Many women today travel alone, others follow their husbands job-routes. Many dont know why they move from one city to another. They still carry some burdens from the last cities and the last years. Others know very well why they move and for which exact reason they are living in this or that place without carrying burdens but livinga nd enjoying the present untill the end. It is an extraordinary adventure which, most ofthe times, people call life.

The seeking lifestyle of the women.


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