Attention does work better than hope


How comes we can talk and be not in the same place? How comes we feel comfortable just by listening to the voice of somebody who is not next to us but we are talking thru skype with this person? How comes we can penetrate the problems of the others by just loving them and putting a detached attention on them. Read here how it could be possible:

You are so very powerful in collective and also individually. Whatever you want you can have it. I am desireless because the Divine, the Divine power is working for Me everything.  I don’t have to desire. It knows. I don’t desire anything but you have to desire. You have to pray. You have to ask. And the wider you become, your prayers will be wider, for a wider world, wider vision, not limited to your children, not limited to your family, not limited to one place but unlimited areas…

So we become very conscious and alert about whatever is happening in the world, to put our attention there. We try to find out what’s wrong with this and what’s wrong with that. You are not just worried about a small little ashram but we are worried about the whole world, to find out what’s wrong, what can we do, what can we desire, because if we have the power and if we can operate the Divine power then why not we work it out ourselves? We can.

So your attention can go to any place. It can go to Nicaragua, it can go to Israel, it can go to Saddam Hussein, to any place that you want to work it out. It moves. It’s mobile. It’s universal. Just start expanding your heart, your mind and your attention.

[Dr. Nirmala Devi Srivastava, India]    photo


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