Gravity or seriousness?


It is better not to confuse these two kinds of attitude because they have nothing to do with each other and they also aim to opposite direction. Gravity is the positive one: it is a quality very much needed if somebody wants to become free and emancipated. When we have gravity we are with our feet well positioned onto the earth and we know which our roots are, we know ourself, we know our subtle structure, we know our lacknesses and we want to improve/face/erase/transform them. Gravity brings a lot of peace and satisfaction, constant joy and understanding. We are always smiling and supportive, people feel they can count on us anytime. It is because we have gravity in continuous development.

Seriousness in so very boring. If i start to become serious I cannot even stand myself! It means i am taking life too heavily, i want to go too far away where i am not allowed to go and i should humble down much more. Serious people are hot, they strive for this and that, they love too many things, they want to be perfect and accomplish “important” objectives in their life. They cannot understand the meaning of surrendering things and thoughts.

I am always fascinated by the nuances of certaing attitudes in our characters. Life sometimes is really subtle and we are very good humans who loose some meanings. Kidding. 🙂 Love, r 

[wonderful painting by LC]

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