Why music therapy is essential for our busy daily life?

Modern world is a world of rapid advancements where rat race has become a part of our life. Globalization with this unavoidable rat race is causing all round physical and mental challenges resulting into stress, tension, trauma as well as ailments. Thus with increasing modernization and invitations, it is a paradox of life that number of desease and ailments are equally increasing. The obvious reasons for this situation are imbalance between mind and body. The major causes of human deseases are maninly two – physical and mental. A majority of deseases are caused by mental disturbances. Mental disturbances are invisible and are ignored till they lead to physical illness.

An alternative therapy for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in the new millennium is “Music Therapy” . The human voice carries with it the Divine energy and when we add our intention to use our voice in service, it acts like a laser. And if we use the energy of sound properly we can create positive charge in every area of life. Music has both positive and negative effects. Positive music produces beneficial effects and is physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually uplifting. Negative music invokes emotions such as depression, frustration, anger, fear and distressing states of mind such as mental imbalance. The simplest form of music therapy is probably a mother singing to put a baby to sleep. Why does it work? Because the mother cares. Her heart is open and she is linked in love with her child. [Arun Apte, music therapist]


5 thoughts on “Why music therapy is essential for our busy daily life?

  1. Your article “Why music therapy is essential for our busy daily life?” was much more than just well written and informative post. Your words created the wonderful visual picture that tenderly touched me with the awakening magic of the silence. That was not the silence of the hurtful loneliness of the sick, but the healing recognition of God’s presence. Thank you. You wrote “The human voice carries with it the Divine energy and when we add our intention to use our voice in service, it acts like a laser.” I have added that intention, and the miracle happened- I forgot my bodily weakness and accepted the life as the unforgettable fellowship. Thanks once again.

  2. HI Tomas, i am so glad you fund it useful. these notes were written by a person who is experimenting quite a lot in teh field of music therapy and myself i had the opportunity to learn a tiny bit from him. But the best thing as you also experienced is to do it…. pls let me add that: we are made out of music…

  3. I would like to know how to get hold of someone that practice in that field-I saw a show last night that it helps people that have had a stroke–Any imformation it would sure help me out–Dick Eaton

  4. hellow tomus i looking for the deep details of music theraphy i got good information from u and u r experience gave good clarification for many of my doughts. i am really very happy to get u from this site i hope u will add me and help me out in developing my skills in this music theraphy.

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