The value of speaking like poetry every day

I am realizing this value just now. This is an habit i am carrying since ever, probably since when I started reading poetries aloud to listen to my voice speaking languages different from Italian. It is a practice i enjoy a lot everyweek at home: I grab a book of poetry and start reading few aloud in Italian, in English, in Spanish, in French, only the sections of language i am more familiar with.

The realization is that I include improvisations of poetries (invented) in my daily speaking communication. Whatever we are talking about you may hear a line or two told with the solemnity or the smile of a poet. Last night for example we were  talking about the weather in Australia with a friend and suddently i went:

but then we can reach the sun and catch it

and carry it all the way to Australia

to make you smiling

And she smiled of course by noticing my imagination. Yes, that is the point: I make a clear use of my imagination. i cant escape from that. This is the reason why in my family they often refer to me like “she’s coming down from the clouds – eccola che scende dalle nuvole”.  I sing a new stanza of a song for my husband almost everyday while we chat and he smiles punctually. You see? Poetry makes people feel good, never unhappy or angry.

Poetry does stick to the tunes in your heart

to the joy you can feel

to the smiling child you still are

to the desire to go higher in some other place

to the reality of the beauty you are made of

So please be engulfed by poetic notes everytime is possible



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