There are many ideas of freedom, it should be one


The title itself is not completely right because implies that to get freedom one must have and idea of it first. This is wrong! Great wise personalities have said “Truth is what it is”, I say freedom is what it is. You cannot achieve, buy, do something, be somewhere to feel freedom. Freedom is everywhere, everybody IS free but not everybody feels free.

What happens and what happened since ever is that these brains (ours) thank to which we have been living until now (no matter the race, the year or the lifetime) have been ingurgitated by fake freedom brainwashers. Horrible boothish characters who are at the same time so much aware of the real freedom and so much aware of wanting to hurt the sensibility and the purity of the human beings. This is it. They want us to believe with all our heart that freedom is equal to:

  • Knowing many languages
  • Traveling on holidays
  • Shopping with our friends
  • Studying arts
  • Following the rituals and meetings of all the so called religions
  • Talking every time we feel the need to talk
  • Expressing our ideas in different forms (blogging is a modern one for example)
  • Having a good job…

This list could be endless and yet will not give any particular insight about freedom. I just wish people will seek real freedom from inside themselves wherever they are and inescapably from what they have or do not have at the present or where they are.

Within freedom is something too important to be missed in these times. 

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