6 thoughts on “Real Perspective

  1. yes we forget it too often. i didnt even know there were these Arcturus, Antares, i feel i am almost inexistent!!!! I have 2 more pics to post from google satellite, they are even more realistic and astonishing, let me find a link to post them.

  2. In the Universe there are 200 trillion galaxies, and in every galaxy there are 120-150 trillion stars like our Sun.

    According Devi Bhagavad in every pore of Maha Vishu countless universes exist:

    But this boy, (born of the Prakriti Râdhâ) is the Sole Stay of all this Universe and he is denominated by the name “Mahâ-Visnu”. In his every pore countless universes are existing. So much so that even S’ri Krisna could not count them.

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