Meditating being helped by a real tanpura

As already introduced before, this instrument is really simple and adaptable to be played along while singing mantras. In addition is a wonderful piece which melts with the colors and the material of ANY kind of furnitures at home. I can see a tanpura in a minimalist, country, metalic, kitch, urban, countryside and seaside stylish living room. Do not let it take dust, play it everyday and your being will feel so much aware of its own spirit. Blessings! 



2 thoughts on “Meditating being helped by a real tanpura

  1. Let me confess my ignorance! I have never ever seen or heard this instrument. It looks lovely and in your other post about it you make it very enticing. How are you getting on with your learning to play it?

  2. HI! its melody is really peaceful and it s perfect when played in the evening time after a day of work. I am just going by instinct and joy actually, trying to tune it on what i feel…

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