Each nation should create an environment where children can be free

Mrs. Michelle Obama explains from US the importance of starting to create an environment aimed to respect the wishes of all the children.


4 thoughts on “Each nation should create an environment where children can be free

  1. At the end of this video, Michelle Obama says that children shoud be free to have the potential to do what ever they want. While this is kind of an awkward statement, noone actually has the potential to do whatever they want, it’s that they should have the opportunity to do what they want.

    In the NBA, they have a statement that they can teach you how to shoot a basketball but they can’t teach you how to be tall. Few people have the potential to be 6’8″.

    The reality is that many things to do require highly specialized skills and knowledge. Many require special aptitude. As hard as we try and no matter how much we want it, few of us are going to make it as theorical neuclear physicists.

    Equal opporunity is different than equal outcomes. Letting everyone compete on a level playing field should be the goal. However, this does mean that no matter how hard you try, you might get beat out by someone who is faster, stronger, smarter and even a harder worker.

  2. Unfortunately many times our societies (=we) are even blind to see which is the potential of each child, something that come before giving an opportunity to develop it. So first of all we should practice this: put our attention towards their potential and then guiding them to get the opportunity if it is possible.

  3. I think it can be very difficult to assess a child’s potential. A lot of factors other than ability go into what a child can and wants to do. There are also a lot of things we might have a potential to do that we don’t want to do and other things that we want to do that is beyond our capability to do.

  4. yes it’s true, it’s not easy to assess it but i believe we as humans have done great things until now all along our history, now we can also develop the capacity to understand the “clues” of potential and play our destiny, each one of us, children included.

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