I was a cloud in my dreams


I was a cloud in my dreams

Floating high over Sahyadri Crest

When all at once I saw something shine.

T’was a large commune of Sahaj Yogis;

Beside the road on the plateau,

Singing bhajans and prayers at Nirmal Nagari

Constantly praying dear Mother

Who incessantly poured blessings on them

They stood with their hands towards Her

In a big chorus of faith and affection;

Tens of thousands saw I at a glance

Chanting mantras, hymn and psalms

The trees beside them danced in joy,

The wind blew whistling Sahaj songs

With Mother in the Sakaar form

Hearts of Sahajis were lovely and warm,

A poet in me awakened in glee,

Having such a divine company;

I gazed with a thoughtless mind

‘bout the bliss the heavenly show

Had given me in kind;

Just then I woke up from sleep

I found myself in my bed

With “Nirmal Fragrance” on my chest;

I got up and saw Mother

Laughing at me from her picture

Tears started crawling from my eyes

My heart filled with happiness and pride

Pleading to surrender fully to Her Lotus feet.

(Udayan Belsare, Pune, India)


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