If you open one door the air won’t come in


 ” Then there are two other symbols  that we see. With Her hand She gives. If you open one door the air won’t come in. You have to open the other door. She must give. So all those who have Lakshmi tattwa developed in them, they think what they have to give, but they don’t give the worst they have, just like the waste paper basket. “O, this is useless so I can give to this friend”. Alle friends are used as waste paper baskets. Whatever is the worst is given. How can you touch your depth like this? Whatever is the best, you should give. If you are free to give then you should give the best. ….. we are very ego oriented, we understand what will give joy to us. We don’t understand what will give joy to others and when we understand this then the joy reflects on us thousand times more.

On the periphery both forces work on. On one side are the misers and on the other side are the exploiters. If you become generous, the exploiters are there. So there is an antithesis. Another type of people become nervous who don’t know what to do. Sometimes you are exploited, doesn’t matter. That’s not your look out. You have not committed the sins. The one who has exploited has committed the sins and he is going to suffer. So why to worry? With the help of this Divine Power the one who exploits will suffer. You get more than you lost. This is what is to be understood… ”

[Nirmala Devi] read an article about N.D.


One thought on “If you open one door the air won’t come in

  1. Hey!!amazing situation!!..zomething reallyweird happened as i just read about Lakshimi on a magazine and then found an email about her as well…There must be something real good on int way!Blessings!Namaste!

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