China & India forever sisters

Also twin sisters: there are so many things, traditions, mentality, ideas, visions, economy, fashion which are shared by these two countries. Watching at these three girls of a musical trio from Sichuan (the department stuck to the east border of Tibet) I cannot avoid to think about Indian movies from Bollywood, the lovely ornaments and long womanly dresses of the Home of spirituality

India & China share a history of spirituality and character from milleniums. It is not a case they are linked by the Himalayas, which is Home to Shiva and the Shakti Parvati who reside in our hearts in form of pure spirit and pure personality. We have just started to notice these relationships between countries just now that everybody talk about globalization and things like these. The most wonderful discoveries about “twins” countries still has to come and they reside in the manifested desire of each population to understand the subtle nature of their roots and traditions.

I hope the genuine desire of the humans to grow into their most ancient and valuable traditions will awaken each nanosecond more. For India and China (but also for all the other big and small nations)I wish in this New Lunar Year that:

  •  people with enlightened brains and hearts will start to mangae their economy
  • women with a sweet and adorable personality will understand their true power from inside and start to express it at higher levels 
  • there will be dedicated more and more festivals, seminars, meetings to reckon the similarity between countries (at any level)
  • their attention will be shifted towards the understanding of the importance of spirituality for the sake of a bigger vision

I only prayed for these four wishes. There are more but these are among the most urgent ones.

Happy Lunar New Year to you who are reading too. May you grow in a total collective atmosphere all your life.


2 thoughts on “China & India forever sisters

  1. Usually Sahaja Yogis make their attention on India. But in Italy we know better Chinese or Japanese culture ( shiatsu, thai chi, the medicine generally); so I found out many ralations between the subtle sistem and energy channels of the chinese medicine. Also when I tried thai chi my kundalini raised immediately!

  2. hi Marta! i am so glad in Italy there is so much attraction for Chinese culture too. The knowledge of the subtle system is more articulated and extremeley explained in detail than from ayurveda. Chinese knowledge at this level desearves very deep and careful understanding which hopefully will be revealed by the time. Keep studying it! I know Chinese yogis who live in India now and by their side are studying all the implications of the sahaja yoga subtle system. It is going to be a wonderful and superbe integration..

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