Inspiring friends

I am going to dedicate some articles to my girlfriends because I must say I grow also thank to them all over the year everytime.

Since long long time I was never attached to any best friend. When I was girl at the beginning I felt sad for them that could not consider any other girl like best friend but they were all on the same level of affection for me. Of course there were some I used to share more time with depending on the interests and other activities but I was not thinking this is my best friend. On the other hand I know they were thinking that I was their best friend. This idea of best person in the heart I don’t really have. I don’t know if it is good or bad, but I know I don’t have it and until now I had no problem of friendship, every where I find somebody with whom sharing love, laugh, thoughts, activities, things and good pieces of life.


When I came to HK Gigi was immediately one of these persons, lovely persons I connect with. She loves art, fashion, make-up and meditation like me so the feeling was already created. Here it goes her most updated work in the field of women magazines. She quickly brings the readers to her recent six-months tour in India thru art, pictures, food, fashion, sahaja yoga, festivals and people. Featuring in one of the coolest magazines for ladies in Hong Kong.





2 thoughts on “Inspiring friends

  1. okey my hubby translated roughly for us. at the beginning she writes about her stay in Pune where she took vocal singing and instrumental classes one-to-one with a teacher every week. That she enjoyed the music a lot because it is a powerful tool to meditate for her. That there are many concerts of Indian classical music around that area and there is an academy called P.K.Salve not far from Pune wher eit is possible to be enrolled and study these subjects. Also she talks of Indian lifestyle, how much she loved the food, how is it, that fruit and vegs ar eso fresh and they are sold in the street everywhere; the charming saree is the traditional dress. (each pictures accompanies evrything she writes) She went to many bangle shops and could get good bargains while buying. She explains the sight seeing she visited like Mumbai gates, one Shiva temple, the indian sunset… About Holi that is a wonderful festival where lots of powder colors are thrown around and people enjoy very much. That she appreciated so much the simple lifestyle and the meditation time over there, this thank to Sahaja Yoga and Shri Mataji. She invites the people in HK to visit the programs scattered around the city. In the orange square there are few tips about India, for example how to bargain and how to pay the rikshaw….:)))

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