Snowy China, get some love moving on!

The big  snow storm is just one hour from here by plane. Spring Festival is imminent and now the people are going by train, little by little, back home and celebrate with their families. Someone wrote on a blog that if this situation would have happened to Americans for example they would have kind of freacked out! Once again the strong Chinese character is at its best, resisting to quite hard circumstances.

Chenzhou, a city of about 4 million in the central province of Hunan, began its 11th day of blackouts and water cuts on Tuesday. Tens of thousands of workers were struggling to repair damaged power lines to get the lights back on in time for the Spring Festival.


For some days they were living under the sky, under the constant snow day and night. I feel it’s so amazing, i have no idea of what this means, i never lived like that. I can only imagine what it could be. And thinking that here in Hong Kong a lot of people never saw the snow in their life! By the way,

Guangzhou, with one of the biggest concentrations of the country’s 200 million migrant workers, is the southern terminal of a trunk railway line that runs northward to Beijing.
With the resumption of rail transport in south China, the number of railway passengers across the country is expected to rise dramatically on Tuesday, just a day ahead of the week-long national holiday of the Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, which falls on Thursday.
About 350,000 train passengers left Beijing on Monday, 20,000 more than on Sunday, according to a spokesman with the Beijing Railway Bureau, also under the Ministry of Railways. He said that rail stations in the capital would probably see ridership peak on Tuesday.

But other people have preferred to stay and not jumping on any possible train.

Statistics from the provincial labor and security department show that 11.2 million migrant workers out of a total of 19 million had shown their willingness to stay. The number grew by 1.3 million during the past three days. Guangdong is a major destination for migrant workers from other areas. It employs an estimated one-third of China’s internal migrant labor.


But whats going on on a subtler level? Why this huge freezing lesson to these people in this area of the world at this time of the year? Lunar New Year is extremely meaningful, very much important for the Chinese tradition and it is synonym of the longest break of the year. Moreover it doesnt matter the age they have, but all the people go back home (if they work far away).  Chinese family are very much attached in a sense and this happening is give them the hardest of the time in terms of understanding. In addition, regarding the economical factor – somebody said – the snowstorm served to put down the ego of this big nation which isgrowing too fast in someway and it is starting to really believe too much in some sort of an individual power going on. That is possible. I am sure this great snowstorm is opening the mind of us everybody living in China.


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