Throwing Pure Love all the way to Colombia

Today is a really cool day all over the world!! You know in about 200 cities the colombians living there have organized meeting points to attract the attention of the others on Colombia. I also have a family there, a very special family with whom i have shared two memorable years of my life. This is an extract received from them thru email: 

Colombia is living these days one of the most important moments of its
history: On the next 4th of February a massive, global mobilization
will be organized so that hundreds of thousands of Colombians will
march to protest against the Kidnapping and the guerrilla group ”
FARC”. Since a very long time the Colombian people have not expressed
their collective power of desire in such strong massive way and we
hope it will carry its fruits.
Therefore we ask to all our dear brothers and sisters in the world to
help us with their subtle work on the following subjects:

·         Unconditional Return home of hundreds and hundreds of Colombian
citizens who are now kidnapped.

·         End of the guerrilla group “FARC”

·         Solution of the conflicts existing between the governments of Colombia and Venezuela


THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING COUNTRY and more than 50% of the population is very young! many children are also trained to be killers for the guerrilla and if they try to escape they get tortured or even worst then that. This situation is so terrible that it requires the mobilitation of good brains around the world. We are indeed living a Era of Blossoming, no doubt and these weak people have to disappear for the sake of the whole mankind. 

One time i was stolen my bag in the capital, Bogota, while coming back from work in the afternoon. What i understood from that rapid and meaningful experience was that there are people at this world who are extremely weak and poor in their personality and understanding. They fear themselves more than anybody else and they do not deserve to raise their destiny but only to degenerate and disappear at the right time. 

5 thoughts on “Throwing Pure Love all the way to Colombia

  1. I just hope they don’t end up attracting America’s attention lest America creates another Iraq (based on its war on terror campaign) and ruins nother beautiful country.

  2. I just hope they don’t end up attracting America’s attention lest America creates another Iraq (based on its war on terror campaign) and ruins another beautiful country.

  3. I didnt think about this terrible possibility. Actually it could be. what do they say in India about FARC? did you know that that part of the earth, especially the mountain towards the west side of southamerica (called Andes) are the embodyment of the mahakali principle in the planet. That area is really powerful and a great promise for the future…

  4. Hi Raman bhaiya this is it:
    meaning Revolutionary Armed Force of Colombia which goes completely against the principle of Peace advocated by Gandhi. Now if that area of the world is the landmark embodiment of the spiritual principle of Mahakali, then it would mean that this shakti should operate some kind of subversive event where the FARC is going to be defeated and disintegrated. And the real peace shine in Colombia and surrounded countries. This is what everybody hopes!

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