Mother and father are not discriminatory words

To keep the light on, a woman has to be a woman and a man has to be a man.

[Nirmala Devi Srivastava]

I want to talk about something very much delicate and clear cut at the same time. No doubt on this basic stuff, we have to watch the world and the people who are giving a shape to it, a very abstract shape at the moment with all kinds of colors and nuances not yet beautifully and genially arranged between them. It takes time.

It takes time to the people living in William Blake’s island to understand that for a child to have two parents of the same sex IS NOT comfortable at all. It takes time to the people who are molding the law that they have to talk to themselves straight into the mirror to understand that it is going to create a degenerating confusion either for the kids and their family to force their way to use the language. That “mother” and “father” are not at all discriminatory words. In no case at all.


(photo: Ayers rock at sunrise)

The language should not be forced, it has to come from inside, we are not actor, we are human beings who understand very well the chaos some people want to drag us into. These people only deserve our compassionate smile because they are living a life of ignorance and blindness.

 With what courage a person can stand in front of his similes and encourage them to elaborate a new thinking to sustain and perpetuate the homosexuality in our society? Let’s heal these people and face the reality. Let’s help them face the reality with love and understanding wherever possible. But let’s not create an environment as humus for proliferation.  

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