Two reasons why Illary Clinton disappoints me

What should we expect as men, women, families, citizens from a president? Probably that this person would embody trustable and evident attitudes which will have the power to touch everything and everyone with wind of change. Of something magnetic I am talking about. Something that cannot be seen if not thru the action and the consequences of the actions of that person. Minimum of minimum at these modern times we all have reached now, this person should be highly elevated either spiritually and materialistically (if I can put it this way).

           The Time magazine is reporting about Hillary Clinton:

“The notion that a contemporary woman must look mannish in order to be taken seriously as a seeker of power is frankly dismaying” by Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue, on learning that H.Clinton decided not to appear in the magazine for the fear of looking too feminine.

The two reasons why Mrs Clinton is not completely adequate for being president are:

1)      The fact that her voice is not melodious and does not penetrate into the heart.

The voice and the way of speaking both mean so many things. When a woman speaks she should transmit all the power of love and maternity stored in herself. She should speak almost like a song. She should evoke strong confidence and generate pure joy.


2) The fact that she wears the jacket and the trousers too often.

 Last weekend I went to the Annual Dinner of the company I work for and the founder couple were both wearing the same jacket with trousers. To appear the same by chance?  Aren’t they different at all? Man and Woman are so badly different on this Earth that only subtly blind people cannot be aware of it! Why can’t Hillary give a speech in a beautiful realistic dress for lady? 


5 thoughts on “Two reasons why Illary Clinton disappoints me

  1. yeah, what the world needs are motherly women in power; they could help changing things for better. Women have great powers of love and wisdom. But if they try to be men – what the use of having them in charge?

  2. Hi girls! Thanks for support to you three! I am really worried about these women in charge actually not only in America but also in Europe and even here in China. I mean you dont really need to listen to them so much to understand their character and personalities, sometimes just a look is enough and just feeling it the message is quite clear. You can detect things from the aspect, from the eyes. But i listened to Mrs Clinton speech several times and i am not convinced in my heart.

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