Obama’s words in South Carolina

I just spent about an hour listening and writing down a micro section of Barack Obama speech from last night after his resounding victory in South  Carolina. He reminds me of the character and passion for change of some of my friends. See what he said towards the end:

  And men and women are every color and creed who serve together and fight together, and believe together under the same proud flag. I saw what America is and I believe in what this country can be, that is the country I see, that is the country you see, but now it is up to us to help the entire nation to embrace this vision. Because… because in the end we are not just against the ….and disruptive habits of Washington, we are also struggling with our own doubts, our own fears, our own cynicism; the change we seek as always required great struggle and great sacrifice and so this is the battle in our hearts and minds about what kind of country we want and how hard we are willing the world for.

Let me remind you tonight that the change will not be easy and change will take time, there will be setbacks and false starts…[…]

The choice in this election is not between regions or religions, or genders, its not about rich versus poor, young versus old, and it is not about black versus white. This…this election is about the past versus the future, it’s about whether we settled for the same divisions and destructions and dramas that passes for politics today or whether we reach for a politics of common sense and innovation, a politics or shared sacrifice and shared perspectives.

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