Aussie day: “precious times”

I am truly in love with this Uncle, Bob Randall, a traditional owner of Uluru. My friends traveled to Uluru last year and met and spoke to him, they said he is a totally inspiring a deep personality to listen to. He has so much to tell us because one of the few old aborigenal who had seen a lot in Australia. His words in the video below on:


(picture Ernieski)

  • awareness about the job of our mother, the Earth
  • relationship between us and the land where we come from
  • ancient history of Australia
  • responasbility towards the own county
  • unconditional love in action


(picture Descramble)

Kanyini is his movie, voted the best documentary at the London Australian festival 2007.

Aborigenal art (dots, dots, dots…) is tremendously beautiful and I will dedicate a post soon too.


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