Money honey

In China there is a very beautiful tradition at the beginning of the New Year (which is coming!). All the working people give a “red pocket” to children and young ones with a symbolic few dollars inside. Red is very auspicious and money too! Money are given to:

  • Wish good luck in general in life
  • Encourage to be generous and honest
  • Be happy and kind about receiving something good 

Also the managers at office give red pockets to all the employees to show them respect and support.

Whenever there is exchange of red pockets around, the people joke, laugh and smile, it’s cool and also socially rewarding! Red pockets are also given to the married couple as symbol of blessing.


Last evening I was walking on the harbor side beside our home with my hubby and he was telling me that I just got a new cell phone with many useful functions. Such a sweet great gift! And he was explaining that when people gain money from the stock market they have to put this money in circulation, meaning they have to spend them in order to benefit the health of the economy in general. He says that our actions in this sense will go to nurture also the nabhi at a more extended level. I got this insight that maybe Hong Kong could appear so much materialistic and superficial (this is also true) but it is also a need for the nabhi of Mother earth.favcard8.gif


The nabhi is like the stomach of this living universe. You can imagine it as a huge area of the stratosphere which is constantly shining and molded by actions of generosity dynamically made by other particles (human beings) living in the same universe. On the other hand this huge stratostomach is also continuously degenerating with other actions of pure corruption and greed dynamically made by other particles (other human beings). Will our stomach ever work in the proper direction? Possibly we would need super humans and not simply human beings!


   The power of money is infinite and true giver of joy and opportunities whenever backed by the dynamism of love. Today the power of money is on its way to be discovered in a deeper sense. That is going to be something really cool.


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