The advantages of the press (viewed by a child)

This is an essay taken from my copybook of primary school. There are cointained 9 months of topics explained a commented by my little sweet childish mind in the eighties. It’s a lovely copybook and thank you to my teacher who had such a great idea!

 TITLE: Which kind of benefits did the invention of the press bring to yourself and the society?

ESSAY: Before the press were invented, the children did not read much. The books were hand written. The monks used to write them. They were bought by those guys with rich families who could also pay the teachers. When Gutenberg invented the press, they arrived books and magazines for everybody. To myself (the press) brought a huge advantage because I can educate myself by reading all the books and little journals that I want to. The press brought a great benefit to the society. Each man can get informations about everything is happening in the world. 

Hope you enjoyed it!


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