One thing Hong Kong does miss

They say that Chinese and Italians have in common the sense of the family. It’s true. In fact Italians and Chinese mothers know very well how to take care of their sons in general. They are loving and firm, simple and spiritual in their way of educate and grow them up. They have strong desire to see the family united and happy, that everything is normal and work hard to preserve good feelings among the members.

Right now Hong Kong is undergoing some slight changes into the familiar asset. They are mainly due to the pressure of this money oriented society. The young people work and study very hard often morning until night. Many are disoriented falling into a circle of earning and spending. It is increasing the number of singles and couples who are going to live in a flat independently from the parents and see the family during the festivals, public holidays after having arranged day, place and hour of meeting. In how many cities of the world does this happen? That we have to set up an appointment to see our parents. Never in my Italian life this had happened! I used to be with my family almost every weekend or see each other during the week, it’s one of the most pleasant thing that a crowded city will miss forever.

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