My passion for dance: an India connection

Since I was 6 the family always encouraged me to dance and with this form of art it was “love at first try” from the beginning. I performed for the first time at the age of nine, when in Italy, in a wonderful musical titled “The creation of the universe” which attracted thousands of people in my hometown.  I don’t know how to explain but for me dancing it’s felt like such a powerful activity which makes me completely thoughtless and free inside. I naturally feel comfortable when joining a circle of dance or on stage with others.

Why an India connection? This, I understood it three weeks ago when in India was joining a special collective Event which I will tell in another post. I was in Mumbai for the recent Xmas holiday. When I came back to Hong Kong, they asked me what did u do then? And I realized that “I just danced”, all the time, morning and evening and night:

Cut me off the food

the job

the relationships

the nature

the sitting meditation

…but let me live my dance

express my self with beautiful and decorated movements of the body

feel the singing of the angels in my heart

and be connected to the paradise of the universe

where its party all the time

the colors are festive

the people are brilliant

the dance is grateful

the time is infinite

the love is expanded

the smiles are eternal

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