One thing I love about Hong Kong: doing “sport”

Forget about Chinese dharma and spirituality. Hong Kong is jumping, no already jumped!, into a circle of sophisticate and materialistic luxury and splendor. The Chinese platform towards the West, this city with her inhabitants (proud of being one of them) is performing a rule that probably no other city in all history has done at such speed. Probably I am wrong, I was too lazy these days to research about the history of other speedy cities and I am only offering a personal quick frame of how I do see the life here. 

Well, do you want to know then what I do like most here? Holding onto the hongkonise wave what I really love is to go shopping at midnite (or even later)! It gives me such a shivering of freedom. When its very dark outside and the moon is up in the sky, I can see her glittering from that intense celestial blu and I am here, down here on earth, crossing the zebras, cute lil animated-spirited grain who is going to smile looking at the windows and buy shoes, skirts, earrings and fresh lettuce from midnite on. How does it sound? Poetic to me… 


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