What is your blood made of? Mine of Art, Flavors and Yoga

Yes, symbolically of course! If you could choose a couple of main “substances” from which is given lymph to your blood and stay alive, which ones would you say?

Here are the most important three for me, for example.


…because I was born in Italy, a country pretty much artistic and charming. Even approaching people is artistic to me. I tend to engage in new friendships after having danced to a party or while talking about the beauty of certain features and melodies, or sharing lyrics, poetries, photos. Colorful clothes and intricate jewelry are magnets to me. You can always expect a trustful advice from me about decorating, matching colors and shapes. In my blood flow the happiness and vivacity of a city like Naples, the calm and “dolcezza” of the Mediterranean Sea. When you talk to me I will always understand what you mean and smile at you with beaming eyes to make you feel good. Art is magic and so essential; I will study the subject more thoroughly and post more about the artistic way of being!


It can mean many things. Mainly I would refer to food. To me each thing related to food deserves a good attention. Entering my home you will enter into the kitchen before than the living roomJ. It is not a coincidence. My girlfriends know that the time spent at my home is always also spent by cooking something together for relaxing and chatting. I trust we are going to eat forever; we can’t escape this basic need so why not transforming it into something really pleasant? I love roaming at the market searching for fresh food, touching it, smelling it, asking methods of cooking, qualities and prices, playing bargains and so on. I would feel really alienated and sad if I could not:

  • go to the wet market at least once a week. 
  • come to know about new ideas and interestingness on food.
  • cook for my husband every evening and for my friends and coworkers as much as possible.

Giving hand made food will make you feel extremely positive and if you are a woman your powers will grow for sure! About relations on woman power and cooking food I also want to post more soon.



Yugoslavia means “land of yoga”. Ex Yugoslavia: that is today formed by several small countries. My father and his mother first came from here and carried to Italy a wonderful world of silence and purity to the future family. How different they were from all the other Italians surrounding them! In the village they have been such an outstanding example of discipline, hard work and morality. Very good quality to obtain the yoga, the connection with ourselves. Every time I think of them I cannot avoid thinking about integrity: the image of people who keep going along the right path, with the right attitude, without being disturbed by any storm or word. They know the way; they are innately wise and strong like rocks. Their mind is clean from superficial and abnormal ways of thinking. The simplicity is their beauty. Well, these are my dad and his mother. They are still transmitting these sorts of yogic attitudes to me and I am really treasuring them!   

 What is your blood made of?


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