The beauty of understanding many languages

And if not speaking a language can be a reason to search beyond gestures and expressions and also have fun, speaking more than one or two languages opens so many beautiful doors. They are more and more the children who can speak at least two languages nowadays and they are growing up with such a flexible state of mind hat it is such an enormous pleasure to just see them! I have to say most of my friends are merried to a person who did grow up in another country, speaking another language. Just like my husband and me.

At the beginning it can seem quite a kind of challenging relationship but after a while the challenge leaves space to smothness and openess, its such a cool game! And you feel only enriched and grateful each day. So you start absorbing a new language and think why not learning a new one and then a new one?  It is happening to me. Its really exciting. Considering that in my family most of the people speak at least two languages, even the ones who could not attend school have learnt due to change of places and lifestyles. My uncles both can speak three european languages for example.

I always felt a positive attraction for learning them and until now have been so much lucky to have full opportunity to practice and absorb English, Croatian and Spanish. Currently Chinese. I am getting equiped for Hindi and possibly Russian and Portuguese. My brain shines, i can really feel it everytime i am engaging in conversation with different people in the same moment. The heart opens! People feel so good when listening to you speaking their mother language. They start loving you immediately. Its like you are part of their life already and they appreciate you so much.

There must be studies about good feelings and knowledge of many languages. May be i will look for them later. Now let me enjoy my studies and opportunity! Luv

One thought on “The beauty of understanding many languages

  1. Ideal job for an IT hyperpolyglot?

    What would be THE ideal job for a person who can understand many foreign languages (7+) and has 9 years of experience doing software development?

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