The beauty of not understanding a language

This kind of “beauty” is not easy to understand; it requires loads of acceptance and inner strength. Quite a lot. Did you ever had a conversation or, on a lighter level, a simple daily relationship with people you don’t speak their language? And they don’t speak any other than that? Common people you could meet everyday: the bus driver, the man at the grocery store, the lady who sells newspapers… In the present time, you can have this unique experience in Hong Kong if like me you grew up in the west. Enquiring, watching and living this environment now I found out that the great majority of the hongkonise population grew up and studied in Cantonese, even the English language! My husband told me that when he was at school they used to have English books but they did nit understand one word of them, since even the teacher was talking in Chinese-cantonese. Isnt it funny?  However I am going to talk about the chinese language itself in another post.

What I want to stress out here is that we don’t need to understand what people say to have a fulfilling relationship. First we have to be fulfilled by our SELF, our INNER being. Aftermath we can interact with all kinds of human beings. It is because we depend upon ourself and not on the environment or culture or language surrounding us. Do you understand what am I talking about?  With love.


2 thoughts on “The beauty of not understanding a language

  1. Yes. And the most fulfilling experience cam to me last week at a lunch table where we were talking stuff in Mandarin, Italian and English. From my side it was really nice and enjoyable. It is true that any comunication (a good one) goes beyond words, but actually we are humans and we have been created also to speak not only to be in silent.

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