Lasagna: Original Recipe

…with a pinch of creativity. This is basically the recipe from my genuine Italian mother. Our friends literally devoured it during the last weekend barbecue in the garden. It was so much enjoyed that it means it should be passed on. 

You will need:

A pack of uncooked pasta for lasagna (big rectangular sheets, at least 10 pieces) 

Cherry tomatoes (500 g, grossly cut)

1 or 2 thick slice of ham in cubes

Mushrooms (150 g, tasty kind of)

Dried mozzarella cheese (200 g, shredded)

Garlic cloves (smashed)

Bit of salt

Basil leaves

Grape seed Oil 

The making:

In a wok fry the garlic and add tomatoes, mushrooms and ham. Salt it, mix once in a while, let it cook, add little water and cover. Let it cook for more than 20 minutes over medium-low fire to create the flavor. At the end introduce an electrical mixer in the wok to make up a gross reddish cream. Turn off the fire. In a plumcake stamp start to make the lasagna layers. After having put some red cream on the very base:

First a layer of pasta sheet

Second a layer of red cream

Third a layer of mozzarella and basil.

Repeat these 3 steps until the end (a red layer)

Put the stamp in the oven at 150-180 degrees for a little less than half hour. Serve it warm or cold the day after. Anytime its delicious!

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