Livin’ in a 5 stars hotel

My flat is located here at floor 66th. Its easy nowadays to find these kinds of accommodation in Hong Kong because the Civil Engineer Department of the government is approving project after project envisioning a city almost completely developed in height.   

 In fact just in front of our building they inaugurated a new one named “Vision City”: like ours, 4 slimmed towers with fake beach and real pool, gym, dining rooms, shopping mall hall included. Luxury in Hong Kong is part of our daily life and I wonder how many of us  do really acknowledge the gratitude of enjoying this cool fortune.  

 In our case with my husband we try our best to have friends over as much as possible so that fun+joy multiplies. There is a beautiful garden downstairs where we can have bbq every month, also tasting the food while crossed leg on the grass, or playing freesbe and ping pong in the open space while surrounded by the magic of the skyscrapers and the colors of the deep sky. When you live in HK you feel such a great dynamism penetrating the essence of all your days. This is something to be tasted wisely and with love.  

 Luxury exists for this reason. Only to develop more our detached love.


2 thoughts on “Livin’ in a 5 stars hotel

  1. I love the last peace “Luxury exists for this reason. Only to develop more our detached love.” :)))
    on the other hand, luxury -as the manifestation of materialism – could be just manifestation of love and generosity!

  2. Yes sahajayogi, its true. in fact i think that the HK government people are very generous because they always try their best to make us citizens happy. But unfortunately there are also a lot of complains against them. We should be more grateful in this sense 🙂

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