Becoming collective flowers

Please tell me whats better then meeting with your friends….many friends, and enjoy each other company. I cannot find anything better then this in my universe. 

Probably this is one of the reasons why I am living in Hong Kong where sociality and friendship are so much basic for the good ongoing of the city.Here more then 6 millions people live on a highly restricted territory but they seem not care. They just enjoy each other. This is one positive thing about this city. 

The Chinese enjoyment of collectivity is immediately felt here and it permeates any kind of activity. Forget about reading alone in the park, walking hand in hand along the beach with your loved one or lunching your sandwiches in a semi-deserted coffee shop. Here the message is clear cut: you join or you join, no other alternatives. I find that really interesting and energizing. 

Of course you can also choose to do things alone but wherever you go you will be surrounded by hundreds of people and you’ll need to interact with them anyway. Thus an individualistic adventure becomes automatically collective. And day by day, interaction after interaction you will become a beautiful integrated flower, whose fragrance can only be scented in the garden of the thousand other flowers.   


2 thoughts on “Becoming collective flowers

  1. this quality of being collective is such a beautiful one! I grew up in a comunistic country and I think until I came to Austria I never have spent 3 houres in one piece alone in my life! In spite of all the disadvantages of the communism there was a strong advantage as well: it was supporting collectivity. Even nowadays i feel that people from the post-communistic countries kept this quality of being collective.

    and the most beautiful memories I have is of the time spent together with friends and all the fun we had. friendship is such a blessing. I would not like to have to miss it 🙂

    but capitalism and being collective – somehow it seems to me a difficult marriage 🙂

  2. hello Leela! yes chinese are very collective, its so beautiful. But i also see that today they are struggling within and they do not really understand the essence / spontaneity of being collective. In fact the capitalistic ideas and concepts are attacking their minds too and they act quite confusely to my eyes. Hope they will realize soon how to celebrate this “marriage” within themselves. Anyway its enriching to be here!

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