This World is my Home, my Family

Beautiful people I remember with whom we enjoyed a lot in the places where I ve been living.

In Ischia Island, Italy: Valeria, whose name means healthy and robust.

In Rome, Italy: Simonetta, whose sense of humor is so sweet.

In New York: Miss Mary Bartos, whose cares were so much needed. 

In Riverside, California: Rosie, whose sense of sharing was just huge.

In Genoa, Italy: Alexandra, whose affection is so sincere.

In Imola, Italy: Daniela, whose meals were so delicious.

In Ferrara, Italy: Anna, whose daughters were the best company.

In Bogota, Colombia: Marialaura, whose love is so deep and unconditional.

In Hong Kong: finally arrived a man after the women stream, and he is my husband Jeff whose world is also my world.

 My world is expanding year after year and I always meet sensational people with whom keep going in my journey. It’s a really good feeling, its like wherever you go there is something already arranged for you and the right people at the right moment to decorate your days. But 9 people is not enough, I have meet much more, so many characters, many different drops, sometimes of clean water, sometimes of dirty water: they are all part of this immense Ocean of the World.  

I must say the truth: I really feel the world is my Home, wherever I go there are no big difficulties to face. I am learning all the diverse worlds I got inside thanks to them. I am making up a unique integrated world step by step. It’s incredibly exciting and soothing at the same time.

There is so much balance to seek while mingling with people from different stories, languages, backgrounds and personalities!


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