The Light Side of the Modern Toy Industry

The following notes have been written several weeks ago immediately after a meeting with a manager at office. They are as remembered by one of the game editors (myself) who felt inspired to share a little light coming from them. There are few people representing the modern toy industry who are trying to be more receptive and positive, showing this attitude in their thoughts:  

“Your work is very important, you do not have to do it mechanically or as a copy from examples of another country [USA]. You have to keep in mind that these are educational toys and the contents are going to influence the minds of many children, so you should give your best in creativity to transmit a positive message to all of them, the kids should really learn something thru these contents. Also please keep in mind the cultural developments and characteristics of the abroad countries for which you are giving the editing work.  I have been working only for three years here and looking back to what I have done, how I have contribute until now, I see I have done nothing, we didn’t bring any important change. I would like you to consider your future, the time when you all be old and retired you should be proud of your young experience in this company and remember with good feeling to have given some useful contribute to it. I hope we can create, each one of us as one body, the friendly and relaxed conditions where your creativity and your potential can really flow at its best.


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