The Dark Side of the Modern Toy Industry

There are few aspects leading to quite strong rooted aspects in the toy industry nowadays. These aspects are simply negative and even dangerous if brought up to certain extremes. 

1)    The Toy Industry today is mostly guided by money oriented collective minds. Most of the marketers, managers and coordinators of projects are unconsciously following basic rules coming from the Ego of our working society. When ego oriented people group together they only enjoy planning and planning without resting. With the subtle intention to provoke high level of stress, frustration and competition among the teams.

Note: As far as we are concerned with children they do not enjoy stressful events nor they understand money laws.   

2)    The game designers usually handle old schematic scripts content and superficially revise them for each new coming electronic product. The result is that all the products show a big lack of creativity conformed to the same schematic format.

Note: As far as we are concerned with children they are extremely creative and extraneous to schemes in general.  

3)    Most of the game editors accept to work on products whose contents are old fashioned. For example they merely talk about fights and battles from past movies dated back in the Eighties. With the result to eventually appear old and corny in their style. 

Note: As far as we are concerned with children they love to do their stuff in peace and it is located just in the conditioned side of our mind the belief that we should give them action-war toys.   

4)    Many people working in this industry still like to take to alcohol and smoking during the spare time transmitting not innocent “vibrational attitudes or manners” thru the products. The result is that the majority of the toys are polluted with scattered impurities all along the process from their creation to their production and sale.

Note: As far as we are concerned with children they usually do not take to these kinds of habits and they only are innately expressing innocence all the time.  The fact is that we transmit particles of our self in whatever we do although most of the time we are not aware of that.  

The marketing strategies of the Toy Industry are not driving along safe and confident paths. They like to take risks without counting on a base of pure knowledge nor of truthgrounded understanding about social and educational matters. In fact the Toy Industry is going nowhere today.

This post is based on experience and impressions of a contemporary game editor by profession. In the following post “The Light Side of the Modern Toy Industry”. 


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