Do we … cultures or qualities?

There is so much talking about culture all around, especially in a city like HK which is holding the flag of the internationality. When I was ready to look for my thesis degree at Uni I was almost tempted very much to write something in the anthropological field, related to some culture.I feel we are a little bit insensitive and superficial about culture many times. Like it was a brand. Do you like Chinese food? I went to see a Japanese movie. This is so American! I love Indian culture. Today we use the different country cultures to identify something…or someone.  

I must confess I always had some difficulty to adjust my speaking with all these culture-brands and felt they only serve to close our mind. They do not stimulate our intelligence to accept the fact that more than two cultures have so much in common that we should find new names which aggregate them.

I had to observe myself, which one is the inner process I use to adjust to different cultures every time I move. In 30 years I changed about 32 apartments to live in, 10 cities if I remember well, 5 languages and…I am lost about the culture!

What I noticed is that whenever I found something new “to digest” and to cope with my brain immediately activated all she (yes my brain is feminine) already registered before as helpful. This is the first step. Maybe its just normal.

The second step is: she starts elaborating, creating material to fulfill the adjustment and the personal growth from inside to outside direction. Isn’t it neat as a process?  I find it so natural and lovely, also delicate and smooth.

So what’s the culture? What I can understand until this point is that the culture is also a quality many times. The quality of the dharma, of the correct behavior – I discovered- it mirrors itself in the “Chinese culture”. We can enclose, as individuals, as much cultures as qualities.


3 thoughts on “Do we … cultures or qualities?

  1. Radha, you write ” In 30 years I changed about 32 apartments to live in, 10 cities if I remember well, 5 languages ” – would be great if you could list all of them 🙂 At least a part of them! Sounds so fascinating!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Axinia! yes one time i had a list but then threw it out, it was really detailed with addresses and everything. now i can remember only some. yea lets see, sounds fun!

  3. you know Radha, there are more than 100 definicions of what a “culture” actually is 🙂 I think it became very much a fassion to speak about “cultures” nowadays. In former times the anthropologist understood “culture” as something stiff and not changing but today the anthropological understanding is quite different, above all culture is something that is permanently flowing, changing, adapting its self. there is no really boundary between one culture and another one, there is a permanent exchange, permanent influance. I think this makes a bit difficult to our brains to define things 🙂 so we prefer to see things neatly cutted and separated, but they are not…

    as a wise man said: you can never stap twice in the same water 🙂

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