A mango freshly delivered at your desk is…

A small oasi of gentleman is like a new dimension, which makes women feeling good wherever they are. Here at my office for example there is one oasi like that. It’s made by my colleagues and especially by the supervisors and managers who give the good example. I need to publicly thank these people and tell them that I really appreciate their style, their attitude to show care for us employees: locals and  foreigners (like me, although I do not feel like that at all! But this word is used a lot to refer to not Chinese  people). Every year in this period the mango-trees of the manager begins to mature its fruits in his garden. Punctually he comes to the office with a green mango for everybody in our team. After few days I am able to make mango ice cream or a plumcake to share with them or other friends. It is such an example of generosity that I have been admiring a lot I have to say. It shows how people care, with simple and lovely gestures, of other people not only for their performances in their job but also for the gentility they incarnate. Receiving a fresh picked mango from your manager at your desk is a wonderful message of respect and appreciation!


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