Seven Things a Woman should have on her Desk at Office

 A little bottle of pure almond oil: The skin needs to be always nourished and kept elastic. Few drops applied every day will make a big difference in the tone and flexibility, especially around the eyes.

 A small vertical trousse with, incorporated, at least 10 different nuances of lipstick: Lipstick is a must we all know that. Whether strong or light it always gives something beautiful to our face. This handy tool is fast to be used any moment we pop out for a meeting, a lunch.

A medium size bottle of aloe vera gel: During summertime the gel is especially helpful to quickly refresh our skin. It can be used as general cleanser too. The massager can work in combination with it!

A tube of Moov: in case you really want to care about you joints and the back, this is the immediate solution to any symptom of backache or neck ache in the chair.

A small bag of sugar crystal candies: Pure sugar gives energy to a liver stressed out in any moment. If you don’t like candies, you can always drink some water with sugar at room temperature. At least one glass a day gives extremely positive results along the time and they will be noticed!

A handy massage tool: It’s very good to stimulate the blood circulation all over the body. It’s very pleasant to use any moment.

A beautiful and cheap hand made jewelry box: First it gives a touch of decor to the desk, second it’s really useful to keep all you need for the make up and not only.


4 thoughts on “Seven Things a Woman should have on her Desk at Office

  1. What a lovely piece of advice 🙂
    One more thing I would add – a picture of any great woman 🙂 I keep a picture of Shri Mataji on one side and for the beauty inspiration – a calender of Audrey Hepburn…

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