Healthy children: rule of memory

What to do to make sure that a child is growing well and healthy, in the proper direction of growth. First of all we all should know which one is the proper direction of growth, we need to move our awareness towards this issue within ourselves if it is possible. The truth is that children grow healthy when they are let to be themselves. For example if we have a seed of violet, the same seed will be happy to grow as a violet and not as a daisy. We cannot change the nature of a seed. Now the nature is something very simple we should mirror every day. If we do not understand the nature from within we cannot understand its manifestations from outside. If we don’t know how to explain to ourselves how we were as child, we cannot understand the children either. If positive feelings and memories are left in our consciousness from the time we were younger, then it is easier to understand who is younger because the mechanism is eternal and is the same for everybody, age after age. If negative memories mostly guide the ship of our mind then we are not going in the proper direction and we cannot help anybody else to grow in the right way.The proper way is a path of security, confidence, love and understanding. It is the innocence, which is the source of all of these. Innocence is simplicity. It knows when to start and when to stop something. It gives complete joy and satisfaction of life. Just like a child does.


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