The wind of change made in Bogota

Bogota is a wonderful city, one of the highest in the world: it is situated on a platform which keeps chilly and warm for most of the year.First of all a city is made by the people living it and Bogota is special because Colombians from there are special. They have that naturally welcoming attitude with which all the visitors will certainly feel like home. Despite of the fact that Spanish is the most used language, even a non-Spanish speaking person will love Bogota and her cool vibrations. The city is currently growing quite dynamically and both the government and the citizens are working hard to face the changes of the modern global Society.From La Candelaria to Parque El Chicaque, from Virgilio Barco Library to Transmillenium Bogota is, in everything she wears as a model, a perfect triumph of joy and colours, heart and wisdom. I am in love with this city because having lived there for a couple of years of my recent life. I had the great opportunity to meet fantastic people, talented artists and educators. I have the strong feeling that from this part of the world a powerful wind of changes will come towards Europe, Africa and Asia.


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