Shining celebrations (and people) everywhere

Why on this Earth do three human groups celebrate Autumn Festival (Asia), Diwali (India) and Christmas (Western countries) during the same time of the year? And why do they all love to decorate the environment all around with wonderful lights? After work of searching, enquiring and listening the light came indeed up. This light lies in the desire of the men to live in a better world, more enlightened, more conscious, more vital.

One of the Chinese stories of the Autumn period tells about a woman who has to go and live on the Moon in a Cold Palace. The moon is such a feminine planet (Asia)! She refreshes our nights, she soothes our spirit, she enlightens the darkness. Even the mooncake is so sweet to taste! During Diwali the moon comes among us in the form of all the women. The wife is the one who can make mooncakes of different flavour, she can digest and transform for good any kind of friction, she can give you a loving and satisfied mood. These are just few of the qualities she can empower (they are written in sanscrit here):

Shri Adi Shakti, the Primordial Cause.

Shri Vidya Lakskhmi She bestows Knowledge.

Shri Saubhagya Lakshmi  She bestows Good Fortune.

Shri Amruta Lakshmi She bestows the Nectar of Immortality.

Shri Gruha Lakshmi She bestows the Divine Qualities of a wife.

Shri Raja Lakshmi She bestows Queenly Graciousness.

Shri Satya Lakshmi She bestows the Awareness of Truth.

Shri Bhogya Lakshmi She bestows Sustenance and Enjoyment.

Shri Yoga Lakshmi She bestows Union with the Divine.

Shri Maha Lakshmi She is the Power of Evolution.

From a pure woman Jesus was born (West-East)), from a pure woman Lord Ganesha was born (India). There are so many connections we live in and they cover all the aspect of our daily life, from the kitchenware to the prayers.

Talking about kitchenware and prayers Christam follows and at the same time falls together with Diwali and Autumn festival. The light continues to shine from the tree, from the windows, from the sidewalks and the shopping mall. The light continues to shine thru the people, this is what I believe most of all.


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