Light must go On

There is too much light going on here. Whats happening?

It all started with the Chinese Autumn Festival. So beautiful All these lantern in the streets, the market downstairs was selling them in different colors and shapes, fabric made or paper made, small, middle and huge sized. Of course we got a couple and hung them in the middle of the apartment. But this weekend something else came up: and this is such an explosion of light not only in the air but also in the heart of course. Try feeling it, I don’t know how to describe it. Anyway Diwali time is here too with all this candles burning in wax or pure oil as you prefer. You can even make diyas (candleholders) out of pure clay! Done. We come home and place lots of diyas on the huge window to bring more and more light inside. It doesn’t come to the end yet. The light is too much a beautiful element to stop, it is meant to be eternal and burn all the darkness spreaded around.

So the next step is: Christmas time. Would you have believed it?


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