Lamb yourself up!

Yes the Lamb, that kind of innocent and sweet animal we used to worship in ancient lost times. There must be something really meaningful about lambs. In addition children love them, they imitate their voice and enjoy caressing their soft fur.

Well yesterday I discovered this store and today I am already wearing its clothes up and down! Lamb dresses are a creation from Italian+ Hongkongise+Indian collaboration. The saleslady told me that the design is from Italy and Hong Kong together and the manufacture is from India. Moreover they are sold only in Hong Kong. The nuances are really delicate and fresh; the cut is dignified and pure yet young and modern. I just loved to browse this shop for more than an hour, I lost my husband in the meantime but I was too much enraptured by all those wide long skirts, transparent Punjabi shirts, flowery jackets and cool trousers. I eventually enjoyed a sale-time-price on everything and will surely go back soon!!

The beauty and the simplicity of these clothes talk by itself. You notice the clean heart they enfold. These are the kind of dresses that should deserve plenty of advertising nowadays because just looking at them you can have a taste of true woman. Moreover they are realized by a united special effort of different countries.

I am proud to be also Italian when I see how the motherland creativity works out in the proper direction while trying to project herself abroad. This is a beautiful example of subtle understanding of the importance to preserve the strength of a country, to mould this strength to the need of the people and to give a dharmic and positive direction to the trend in our society.   


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